5 Ways To “Glam Up” Your Bedroom

Get your GET YOUR GLAM ON! It doesn’t take much to change up a bedroom, especially to make it glamorous. A few small changes and you can transform your room into that of a starlet. These ideas would be great for a teenage daughter or even a guest room to make them feel extra special! After all, your bedroom is where you spend 1/3rd of your life (sleeping) so make it a valuable and comfortable space to spend any time.

velvet bed grey edmonton

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ivory wing back bed edmonton

Wing style beds with rhinestones are VERY glam!

  1. Start with a Velvet or Fabric Tufted Bed
    There’s nothing like the soft look and feel of a velvet or tufted bed to give a glamorous lift to a bedroom. They make you want to spend hours in your room reading a book or having breakfast in bed all day. You can lean on the headboard with the soft surface and add some Euro pillows for even extra comfort.


Light Brown taffeta curtain

Light Brown

Purple taffeta curtain

Cream taffeta curtain 2. Next try on some Taffeta Window Panels
The luxurious look of taffeta curtains will really shine things up! Go for an ivory or white color if you prefer a clean, simple style or choose from various colors for different tastes. Try to get some that are 96″ long because when they hang from the ceiling point down, they bring the eye up and make the space appear larger and more glamorous. Click here to see the many colors available to order. We especially like the light brown curtains which are more of a bronze color with their pretty shimmer.

CKI Harcourt Round Wall MirrorUntitled-1 copy3. Think Mirrors
A beautiful, large floor mirror is a wonderful addition to a glamorous bedroom. But for smaller spaces, a hanging mirror will do the trick. Don’t accept the mirror that is sold to match a dresser! Try to find something with some shine in the frame or you can take an existing mirror and paint it with a shiny, maybe champagne or gold colored paint. See Home Depot’s Rustoleum Metallic Pearl Mist or Hammered Rosemary for some great color choices.


MF2023_new20894. Mirrored Furniture
Now this is the ultimate glam in furniture! Mirrored bedside chests and/or dressers reflect light and all the shine of your new, glamorous bedroom. Even if you just pick one piece to add to a bedroom, such as a dressing table, will make a big difference to brighten up the space. See here for a list of mirrored furniture available to order in Alberta, Canada. There are night stands, dressers and consoles which can be used as a dressing table for a bedroom.

Hampton Double Bench BeigeNikolas Bench III5. Bedroom Bench
Yes, every bedroom needs a trunk or bench at the end of the bed, if there is enough room. They finish the look of your bed and also provide the function of either storage or a place to put extra pillows on and/or inside at bedtime. A pretty, tufted storage bench can also be used to hold extra sheets and bedding and is useful for sitting down while dressing. A chrome frame bench would be fabulous in a glam bedroom with mirrored furniture but not necessarily as functional. Check out our huge list of benches that can be ordered to your liking.

These accessories make the bedroom of your starlet sparkle and shine. Starting with a bed in particular is a must and makes the biggest change for a glam bedroom. Then look at window panels. A long, shiny window covering will make such a surprising change you will notice immediately.

If you have any questions or need any help in putting together a bedroom like this, do not hesitate to email us at info@sevendrawers.com for decor ideas and/or a bedroom package quotation.

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