Reclaimed Wood Furniture as Art

reclaimed boat wood cabinet

Hand crafted, reclaimed wood pieces become Functional Art in your home.

Simple and unique, this month’s July Specials include many pieces hand crafted from old boat wood. Where every cabinet is different via their hand made nature, and are not mass produced, they become as a piece of art in your

reclaimed boat wood cabinethome sharing a history within themselves. Furniture that is designed with the warmth of eco-friendly, reclaimed old wood in retro-style shapes tend to spark interest in their looks and serve a function as well.

One fantastic example is this Albany Sideboard (left) crafted from reclaimed boat wood shelves and reclaimed metal barrels for the top and sides. Sheet steel on back and two sliding door fronts give this sideboard industrial character combined with an eco-friendly, warm look. Its not “shabby-chic” or a “country kitchen” style, its a functional piece of creative art with a modern shape. The Albany Sideboard can be used as a bookcase, showcase for your special keepsakes, sideboard for a dining room or even a plasma stand.

Treat yourself today, with our special prices on these creative and historic pieces that will last a lifetime! See all the different styles of this functional furniture art here.

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Reclaimed boat wood, Furniture as Art!


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